Any idea when the PX-716A will be available?



Has anyone heard when the 16X Plextor burner will hit the market?


When it’s ready.


hehe! :bigsmile:


Not much can be found from Google.


how much faster could it be?



This time, I will wait for the first quality reports from various users before buying one … don’t want to experience the same ‘hassle’ as i have had with the 712A …


If the news that came out yesterday can materialize, foreseen specifications for 716A (or what it will be…) should include DVD-RAM, as for 2005 the trend can be Super Multi drives…starting almost by the begining of the year. Have alook to:

Plextor already introduced 605A in Japan, and it offer DVD-RAM…but its slower than 712A and has no DL either.

I know RAM discs are popular in the far east… and not this side

For me I would like it, as: it works just like a HDD, can write 100 000 times and life time span is much more extended that all the other media

And hope it allows bitsetting…


Definitely. Anybody know if Plextor is even considering bitsetting on any of their new drives?


Why shouldn’t they? They enabled it for the PX-712A so why should they disable it for a new drive? This wouldn’t make sense in my opinion.


I didn’t know they had enabled it for the PX-712A when I posted that.


That’s news to me too!



It’s mentioned in the sticky Nero & PX-712A -> Bitsetting thread on top of this forum. For now, bitsetting on the PX-712A only seems to work with the latest Nero version.


The PX-716A will be available from the end of October at the many Plextor dealers.


Strange that the PX-716A will be released in Europe earlier than in Japan. Plextor’s Japanese site lists the release date as mid November.


If the 716A will support DL, Bitsetting is a must to ensure compatibility … so I think we can safely assume that Plextor will add this feature (eventually by default via Firmware).