Any idea what's causing this

My father-in-law keeps making coasters.

He’s using Ghost to writing image files to his Samsung SW-224 CD-RW 24x10x40 drive and keeps getting…

“Error number 12020. Write to CD/DVD disc failed”. Anyone recognise this error message?

The drive is “Burn proof” so that’s not the problem.

He reports that the last three attempts when like this.

Try 1: MB transferred 1542. 27% complete.
Try 2: MB transferred 686. 12% complete.
Try 2: MB transferred 714. 12% complete

He’s using 24x media with the drive presumably set to operate at it’s fastest speed of 24x.

I’ve asked him to try setting the drive to write at 8x or 16x and try again but he’s elderly and a hundreds of miles away from where I live so it’s difficult.

Could be duff media - What’s the best brand money can buy?

Anything else I should get him to check?

Which version of Ghost ?

Haven’t yet managed to extract that info from him. He’s only recently got it so probably the latest 2003. Does 2002 work on XP?

From Symantec:

Error: “Error 12020 Write to CD-R disc failed” while saving an image file to a CDR/RW

While running Ghost to create an image file and saving it directly to a CD-R or CD-RW drive, you see the message “Error 12020 Write to CD-R disc failed” and the CDR/RW drive appears to be powered down.

Because this situation has a variety of causes, no one solution will work in every case. To resolve the problem, try each of the following solutions.

Power settings
The power savings settings in the computer’s BIOS may cause this problem. Power saving settings enable some BIOSs to shutdown selected devices. To resolve the problem, disable the power saving features in the computers’ BIOS. To access the BIOS, consult your computer’s documentation.

CD-ROM configuration
This problem can also happen when Ghost does not have access to the CD-ROM drive. See the document How to determine whether Ghost can access the CDR/RW drive.

IDE controller
With some CD writers such as the Iomega CDZIP 12x4x32 CDR/W drive, this problem sometimes happens when the CD writer is on the same IDE controller as the hard disk that Ghost is cloning. To resolve the problem, attach the CD writer and hard disk to different IDE controllers. Typically, this results in making the disk drive the Primary Master and the CD writer the Secondary Master.

In some instances, the problem can be resolved by using a different compression setting, such as No Compression.

To read about determining if Ghost has access to the CDRW drive, look HERE

Thanks for that. Looks like I’ve got some things to investigate next time I can get to visit him.