Any idea what drive Nortec RW532 52x32x52 is?

I was at MicroCenter today to get a new mouse and I noticed this Nortec 52x32x52 CD-RW drive for 17.99 (after rebates) and I thought I’d check CDRFreaks first to see if it was any good.

After the search in the forum, I didn’t see any posts on this specific model, but the previous model RW531.

This drive is a 2 sheep drive from my own tests (i was too lazy to test the full 400 mb 3sheep test) - it supports JustLink and JustSpeed technology and it doesn’t seem half bad for the 20-22 dollars I spent on it (if you include tax).

Here’s the full specs and the accompanying picture

any idea? I’m just curious really… and since I jumped on the train later than you all, are there any games outthere that are expected to be able to back up with a 2 sheep drive …?