Any idea what could be going on here



I have found in the last week or so that CloneDVD is writing at 2x on Ritek 4x G04 Discs, this is the same batch that it was writing at 4x, I have not altered my hardware but I have put 2000 server on instead of Pro, I have even been out and bought another batch of G04s but the same thing is happening with them.

any ideas what could be causing this?


my drives were set to PIO instead of DMA so after I have finished my LOTR extended flipper, burned as single disc I will reboot and see if that was the problem (likely)


Dont know if this will help but a lot of people are having trouble writing at 4x on ritek especally sony drives
I have sony dru500ax and can only get 4x ritek to write at 2x


Nope sorted, it was the DMA setting on my ATA/ATAPI controller in Devices, now why 2000 Pro should default to DMA and 2000 Server default to PIO I don’t know!

anyway it is burning at 4x as I type