Any hope for my LTR12101B?



Yes, I sort of killed my drive I think.
I didn't see the thread that lists the drives that are upgradeable and the drives that aren't.

So I went and tried to upgrade my firmware to a 16X drive and it did it with pflash, but then it failed on atapi or whatever it said.

Now my dvd drive doesn't work either, but that is easily fixed by taking the lite-on off the chain.

I tried using firmware for the 12101B from the firmware site but I couldn't upgrade it of course, because something about ATAPI won't let me do anything anymore.

If there's any hope, please help me out.
However it's not really a big loss because I am getting an LG 40X in the mail tomorrow.

I just wanted to be able to use both drives.


Theres a thread for mtkflash if you follow the instructions you should be able to recover your drive, be warned its in dos so print out the page for reference and you shouldnt have a problem,dont forget the correct f/ware on your disc for your drive.


If he’s been able to flash the drive with pflash, mtkflash won’t work.


For this matter you must use pflash, p.bat, LS38 and most importantly jumper trick,
photo for your particular drive is available here

In case if you’re :confused: and still need more help as the files and additional info, then post a message containing your e-mail to me.

btw, mtkflash has nothing to do with your drive, simply because of Sanyo chipset. Got it ?


thanks for the info boskin

i downloaded the ls38 firmware and it comes with the p.bat and pflash i need with it.

i will try it out tomorrow, its too late right now.


All right.

Remember, all you need to do is to connect jumper as in the picture and then, when in DOS, to type -

That’s it

a bit corrected thanks to alexnoe and his sharp-eyed vision and tireless mind :smiley:


Well, I’ve got it working thanks to you boskin.
The p.bat did automatically what it was suppose to do, and everything went great.

Thanks man!


Any time . And nice to see you happy ! :smiley:


A:, not A:/

Again: This is MS-DOS, not html.


Right :wink: But what’s it that is more important in this case ?

The final result ( to get his drive working and to see his joy regarding it )
is what matters here, and all the rest is just details which we’ve passed pretty successfully :smiley: