Any hints on how to activate PTPXL on a new system?

I purchased the software about two years ago and want to use it on my new system (Quad Core). However, copying the licence file does not seem to be sufficient. Has anybody come across the same situation and can present a solution to the problem?

Have you tried to contact Plextor Customer service? :slight_smile:

Ditto and please post back your findings on this.

First of all, I contacted Element5, at which I paid the download version. Their response was, put in short, leave us alone with your f#*~ing problems and write to Plextor.

That’s what I did before posting the initial message.

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I’ve got an answer.

Check the Plextor Europe website. I think there’s some info about this on there.

:eek: For what I know only Plextor sells plextools…

@Cressida: That’s the procedure I’ve gone through, i.e. copying the licence files into their proper order etc. But this hasn’t worked here. I don’t know if it is because I don’t have the original file anymore (just the 3.13 update for activated installations which I thought I would get with the help of the reg file). Let’s wait and see. Luckily, I still have my proof-of-purchase number …

Last solution - a Google search.

The answer has arrived. In short: F#*~ off. Download our free version from The lesson I’ve learned is don’t buy any Plextor products anymore.

That means re-activation is not possible on your new machine, or what? Since you paid for it it should be possible, or not?

I found this at the plextools website:

How to activate PlexTools Professional (XL) after a system crash or new installation?

[B]Answer:[/B] Once PlexTools Professional (XL) is installed on the system and activated, it is recommended to make a back-up of the license file. The back-up can be very useful after a system crash and/or new installation, to activate the software again. You just need to replace the original license file by the back-up license file.

Name and location of the license file:

For Windows XP/2000:
c:\Documents and settings\All users\Application Data\ Element5\Licenses \B30FC000.dat

For Windows Me:
C:\Windows\All users\ Application Data\Element5\Licenses\B30FC000.dat


If the folder “Application Data” isn’t shown, ensure that the option “show hidden files and folders” is enabled.
By default the folder “Application data” is hidden. In that case you should make this folder visible by enabling the option “show hidden files and folders”

Step1. Open My Computer on the desktop
Step2. Select “Tools” in the menu bar
Step3. Select “Folder options”
Step4. Select the tab ” View”
Step5. Enable the option “show hidden files and folders”
Step6. Click on “Apply”

Apparently it is not. They have my money, they don’t need me anymore.

I’ll install the simple pro version for audio extraction.

Thank-You for the Information :clap:

hmmmm interesting and thanks.

Apparently the license file is tied to the particular hard disc that it is installed on. If you change the hard disc then you need a new license file.

I would be very unhappy to lose the functionality of XL - the ability to use .cue files is missing in the free version.



You and me both…

as much as i hate to say this, just use a cracked version

I can see why some people would if they paid for it and then couldn’t use it after a format.

I think that a new license will have to come from Plextor itself. Of course Element5 will actually [U]handle[/U] the copy-protection for Plextor (provide them with a new key) but the [U]decision[/U] if you are eligible for a licence-update/renewal is Plextors alone.

IMHO the situation is yet another nice proof that with copy protection schemes it’s (almost) always the honest consumer/customer who gets it into the shorts. It does not surprise that a relatively high percentage of people who own legitimate licenses run cracked versions exactly bacause of that.

Plextor’s answer was absolutely clear: The product is discontinued. You’ll have to live with that. Period.

In this case, there is nothing wrong in using cracked version.