Any help

hp dvd 300 vi dvd+r. i decrypt with dvd decrypter,than use the great dvd20ne111.and than burn with nero(newest release) for the life of me cannot get the dvd to play on any dvd players (have 5).burns 1 to 1 fine.if i check the disk it shows all files burned to disk but wont play,can anyone help thanx great site:bow:

Stop using Nero, and try some other program. Somehow Nero fixes the compatibility for brand x every version by breaking compatibility with brand Y

Nero discs are somehow not 100% compliant, try something like Stomp’s recordnow MAX. That never produced a failure for me, and i tried it on a lot of standalone’s!

are you shure using the right settings in nero? i tested 2 versies: edition and both are working on couple tested stand-alone’s(in total:5)

New Compilation: DVD

Iso Level 1(Max. of 11 =8+3 chars)-ISO9660
All others(Joliet) “Unchecked”

UDF tab:
Physical Partition
file system: UDF 1.02
now try burning it :slight_smile:

if the burn fails again theres another way using Nero
install IMGtool 1.00.4(freeware) and burn movie again(assumed you checked the movie (powerdvd,windvd,wmp) bfore burn

also go to the directory/folder:
where the VIDEO_TS is and add "empty new folder and rename to AUDIO_TS
it should look like this:
Now if you are using IMGTool go to the “Source” and that would be :
Check the option: Reallocate VIDEO_TS Structure in IMGTool
i hope it solve your toasters :wink: does have a IMGtool burnguide :smiley:

I’ve never had any problems writing using nero - and all I do is pick DVD-Video - drag’n’drop, and click write!

Yep … have to agree … Nero has performed 100% for me
from early versions right through to latest.

No problems with Ritek disks (clue) :wink:

Disks play fine on 2 seperate PS2’s, 2 Sony Standalones, 1 Cyberhome 528 Standalone, 1 Panasonic and 1 Proview Standalone.

thanx to everyone,found out it was the stupid memorex disks.i bought some fuji film and it is flawless.
happy to say ive burned a 1/2 dozen or so had no idea the disks make that much of a difference thanx again your input was
greatly appreciated jim:bigsmile:

Hello flteal:

I am glad that your problems were solved. However, I do have a problem with my Toshiba and Nero, meaning that no matter what settings I applied to Nero’s program, my Toshiba 1200U does not
accept the +r or the +RW discs. (Only one +R disc was read by the Toshiba.) This is why I am trying to evaluate copy to dvd, excet that it is not working in my set-up. I am working with the VSO folks, but so far the problem has not been resolved… I am also going to try Gear Pro.
Have any of you used Gear Pro and/or copy to dvd? If so, please post your comments.