Any help with DVD Zone and backing up DVDs?

OK I bought DVD Xpress to make back up copies of my home DVD collection. It works well.

However my buddy sent me over DVD Zone and a decypter to make the back ups. But I dont know where to begin. He said to use it and then use nero to burn it on a DVD.

He told me to use the DVD Zone/Decrypter/Nero that I will get better quality and compatibility etc.

Is there any guides out there to help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

Simply Instant Copy 8 will give the best quality of the simple all-in-one type products, but on shorter/smaller movies there is not much difference in any of them really.

For the ultimate in quality, try using CCE to encode.

thanks chickenman, Ill look into them.

Now are there any guides out there?

See the Tutorial section for CCE Tutorials
IC8 is pretty self explanitory.

Thanks bro- I apprecaite the help, Im going to check out the guides now.