Any Help or advice on better quality copies

I have used clone dvd as a trial before and gotten good burns with that but since buying anydvd I have to wait till next month to buy clone dvd, money is tight one program a month lol, so I am using copy to dvd and nero recode to burn, and all my movies for the last 2 weeks are poor quality with breakups late in the movie. I am using GQ dvd -r’s 4.7 gb 8x they have been good before any advice would be appreciated. I just copied a brand new disc the sci fi film Serenity and it was okay till the last 30 minutes then I got all the breakups.
Thx Charlie Van

Well if you have nero you can use dvd shrink which is free. I use it and never had any quality issues. Knock on wood now.

Um what is the media ID of the GQ DVD-R’s you are using? It seems that GQ’s actual media ranges from MCC, Infodisc, Optodisc, Sony, and TY? Did you use a new batch of media? Have you taken a look at the burned DVDs to see if there was problems with the dye leaking/smearing/bubbles…etc?

I think you’ve only a media problem, could you post the mid?
You can use dvdidentifier or nero’s cdspeed.

yes I looked at the burned copies they seem fine, the only info on the dvd’s is what I posted unless I am looking in the wrong place.

how do I check the Mid,

do I use dvd shrink along with any dvd or do I use it stand alone

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Nero InfoTool or DVDIdentifier .

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Just leave AnyDVD running in the background.

Your problem doesn’t have anything to do with CloneDVD and will not improve if you use Shrink … silly advice (sorry) … your problem is media. In science and trouble-shooting, always eliminate the simplest variable before you start making suggestions as to a solution. Using bad media is the simplest variable, followed by updating your burner’s firmware as the second simplest variable.

You might notice, on this posting of mine, that I have an slightly negative opinion about GQ media. :Z You don’t even need to check the bloody media ID of GQ’s. They code out as sh*t000! GQ is a rebagged house brand of Fry’s Electronics in California. I live L.A. And, on my honor, I hereby testify that they are absolute TRASH. Take them out into the street and drive over them with your car. If you have a big truck or can borrow one, that would be better. I’d tell you not to forget to recycle, but the state wouldn’t want to recycle anything as useless as GQ’s … landfill anonymity and slow biodegradation is the best fate for them.

Quality on bad media brands will typically vary unpredictably from spindle to spindle. The quality of GQ’s varies on the same spindle from bad to worse to bad.

Have you played through, completely, the movies you have backed up so far with GQ media? Or do you just spot check your backups and then put them away on your shelf? Because I guaranbloodytee that

… they have been good before …
is an inaccurate statement (I’m sure not purposely so). Or they will no longer play in 6 months to two years from now. Next time you go to Fry’s, discreetly knock over the GQ display and go straight to the Sony -R 1X-8X Accucore 50 pack spindles for $29.95 (catch them on sale for $23.00 at Frys or cheaper at online outlets). Your “better quality copies” problem will go away.

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In re-reading your original post, this morning, I realize you are not using CloneDVD. :doh: Sorry about the misread: the blue colored typeface links stood out boldly and your less noticible mention of nero and copy to dvd didn’t register on my eyeballs! But my suggestion still holds true … your problem has nothing to do with backup softwares, especially since you imply that you have had some past success. Destroy the GQ’s; buy the Sony’s I mentioned above. Your pixellation and “breakups” problem should go away then even with the softwares you are using.

My further suggestion (joke :bigsmile: ) is to get a job that pays more so you don’t have to worry about waiting for another paycheck to buy the $39.00 CloneDVD2. :clap: Might as well select a bundle price with CloneCD if you are going to be doing dual layer burning now or in the future.