Any help on identifying these MID's?

So I’m working on a new update for dvd identifier.
And I noticed that we still have some MID’s which we haven’t been able to track down in the long time that the programm exists. So maybe someone else knows.
ANy idea’s on the following disc’s MID’s of who the manufacturer is ?
Any Tips/idea’s are welcome also stuff pointing into a more close reaction is welcome.

As far as my info goes it’s origin is in asia

This one I tracked back to the balkan area.

Those are probably 1x dvd-r disc’s

and a less old one on which we have even less data

Videohelp’s got the second MID down as “Alfa Vision” brand, but I guess that doesn’t help much :slight_smile:

I spotted that, which made it able to track it back to the balkan area. But that’s it.

Optimedia Technologies ? (from Albania)
(doesn’t exist anymore)

I have just been doing some learning on the MKM verbatim/MCC media and came accross this site and more so this page there is also the A~C page before, I wonder if that can help you ???

The link below would be extremely useful for me if either I could read in Chinese or all the info could be in English:!82FD4A744AF06FA!237.entry

I really wonder: what that characters mean?

EDIT: But gladfully, some googling with these characters (PNTEDVD-RC2 - 达緻) went fine:

PNTEDVD-RC2 seems to belong to Auvistar Industry Co., Ltd. if I’ve got it correctly.

However, no info on other mids so far.

AUvistar would make really good sense and would explain why only a single mid would exist.
I will add it in the next update.

So that’s one down 2 to go.

storagesearch doesn’t help for smaller obscure manufacturers but that link might be handy for some other stuff one day.So still thanks for posting.

On ezosdvdr
All reports on the used code are on alfa vision dvd-r (which Arachne also found.)

Alfa vision seems to be a brand that belongs to the alfa media group in Serbia.
I’m going to see if they can give me more details.(Now it looks that there site is up to date again unlike a year ago.)

Have you ever got media with such MIDs? (EZOSDVDR and PNTEDVD-RC2)

No I never myself used on of those 2.

About obscure codes, what is a obscure code ?
I have cd-r’s made by Customer Pressing Oosterhout.
Incase of DVD’s that I actually still have a round I think the most rare stuff is between FTI and MPO 4x gold or the 4.85 GB Beall’s not that rare stuff as you can see.

If I want I can however still get the following stuff without much problems.
MAM-E with fake Taiyo yuden code or MAMXG01/MAMXG02
Digital disc Dessau media
MPO 4x /8x (including some media made by MPO with a CMC code !)
Multiple stuff with interaxia’s 4x code some made by 3A,some probably made by sky and some by others
Eurodigital disc.
3A made media with plasmon code

Most obscure code as reported through my contacts and verified: Hmm maybe’s princo dual layer +R ?

Really? I have never heard about it? It must be the best available DL medium :bigsmile:
Have you ever got a DVD medium with Interaxia AG 16x code (VDSPMSAB 004-001)? That code can be found in many newer firmwares but I have never seen medium with that code…
And what manufacture media with codes: ENGAGE 01 NSDR40 DKMZ01 DKM_01 ?

Interaxia 16x I never got. Based on my information those stampers were not sold to third parties. The strategy in the firmwares is based on the data and the preproduction of Interaxia.
Getting R&D media is hard, but in some cases I do have some options.

Last question is not clear.
I never had media of any of those 4 codes.
But DVD Identifier should be able to identify all 4 correctly.

Keep in mind for a entry in DVD Identifiers database I only need the MID and the person who made it not the actuall media.

there should be “who” instead of “what” :doh:
Those Interaxia’s stampers was probably ready for release, but then company went to bankrupt :bigsmile:

Engage is monarch photonics. DKM’s => king pro and
NSDR40 is New Star Digital Co. Ltd.

But let me bring it back on topic. Now the we found one mid and have a small lead on the other what about the DVD+R:
DHPP-000-000 ???

Anyone who knows more about that one ?

Thanks, I really appreciate your effort :bow:

Well those codes were actually easy ones.
Thaimedia at the time was a lot harder.
And then we have codes from Intersonic and now also auvistar which costed also a long time befor we finally have them in.
93 manufacturers and counting !

PNTEDVD-RC2 = Intersonic SA?
DHPP-000-000 -> isn’t it a kind of demo stamper provided by manufacturing equipment provider (like Steag Hama’s SHT001 MID)?

PNTEDVD-RC2 = Auvistar Industry Co., Ltd., if (again) this info is correct.

Maybe. But the main quest is: who does this creatiffff belong to?

The only thing that can be found about DHPP-000-000 in various googling systems is “Departamento de Homicídios e Proteção à Pessoa”

[OT] Gotta love that one :bigsmile: [/OT]

very nice name indeed :bigsmile: :clap:

Did you try to ask about that MID to Lite-On or MadDog (whose have got this MID included in their firmwares) firmware support team?