Any have 128kb ROM?



Do any Lite-ON CD-RW drives have 128kb binary firmware file sizes? OC, do you know?


I looked through OC-Freaks firmware collection and found out that the size of Lite-On binaries are very different. Some were 92kb, others up to 340kb.
I didn’t find any 128kb bins though…
What are you looking for?


well, keep in mind that those are zipped or rar’ed so they’re actually bigger. I’m looking into making a windows flasher for my dvd-rom drive from a lite-on utility, but I really don’t know if it’ll work. the dvd-rom is about fried anyways and it’s compatible with mtkflash so i’m not worried about wrecking it. It’s a Creative Labs DVD1241e and it normally has two 64kb binary firmware files. I wanted to try to make a windows flasher flash it so we don’t have to go into dos. maybe I can fool the util somehow…


maybe LTR-16101B and older have 128k?

LTR-16102B and LTR-24102B have 256k

The newer have 512k.