Any guesses for when the next BenQ goes on sale?

I want to replace my DVD-ROM drive with a BenQ burner as insurance if my 1620 goes out. If I get a 1670 it’ll mainly be used as a reader, I think. For $15, I figure I can’t go wrong.

However, I would consider waiting for a drive that does quality scanning. Any guesses as to when Staples might offer a rebadged 1640, 1650, or 1655? I know it’s just speculation, but what do you think?

There several threads on this subject please read those and avoide openning unneccessary new thread.

Read my post again and then tell me where the threads on this subject are.

There are threads debating the merits of the 1670, and I’ve read them. I simply want to know the opinion of people on the board if they think deals on better drives are coming. If there won’t be good deals until Christmas, then I’ll buy a 1670 now.