Any good sites

any one know any good site to get stuff feel free to email me thanks :bow:

This… makes not sense at all…

Unbelievable :eek:

lol, probably looking for the new/next suprnova.

like it says on the main thread this is for new ppl im new and im looking for some sites to download stuff ( i hope this makes sense)

download what stuff? read the forum rules about warez, copyrighted material, etc… :rolleyes:

Warez, crackez,1337 benefits and rewards

Yes Goldman ! there is lot’s of places. Here is a few sites I download from ! and such…

I assume you mean of course legal downloads of shareware and copyright free stuff? If you mean anything else…oh well, you already agreed to the rules, so there is of course no way you could mean anything else…


cheers guys and a big thanks for all the great sites! :smiley: also i have read the rules and would never ask for illegal stuff sorry if it was inturpreted that way :cop: thanks again all :wink: