Any good site to upload

i wanna upload a pps(powerpoint) file.
but i can’t seem to find a free website that does that.
my file is 47 MB.
if anyone know’s a site that support that kind of file please let me know.

Thats a BIG pps file. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think just about any site will accept the file. The only problem you may have is the size. Most free web site are limited to 10 or 25mbs.

One site you could look at is I think they give you 50mb of free space. You do get ads on it though.

Well Yahoo mail just upgraded my account from 6mb (had it for years) to 100mb. Don’t know why. Maybe the same is true for new users as well, get 100mb free online storage, you could just email it to yourself.

Doubt it. Generally the maximum file (attachment) size for e-mail is 10 MB…

Whats their policy on linking to images. I too am looking for a new free or very cheap host for my ebay auctions, I tried and they dont allow linking even though it worked for a long time until they caught on and half the time their prevention tactics don’t work well. I didn’t even know till I got a very recent e-mail about their rules not allowing it and I am looking for a new host.

P.S. - I require only up to 5-10 megs a week and very little bandwidth

zipped it yet? another option is to use winrar, and then split the file into the largest parts that the particular website will allow. sorry though, no hosting solutions that i know of for free.

[QUOTE=xtacydima]Whats their policy on linking to images./QUOTE]

Sorry I don’t know off hand. You will have to check it out.

However I would have though all you need to do is to put up a web page saying Ebay Auction Pics and hey presto jobs a good one.

Greatnow gives you 100MB free
1ASPHost also gives you 100MB free

Both do not impose filesize-limits by the looks of it.

The 1st one looks promising (another pic host, yay!), but the 2nd one doesn’t include FTP upload. Weak. Thanks for the links anyway.

Will look into it, been a bit busy lately. Hopefully they allow linking and I can stick with them.

BTW, I’m currently using to host my porn. Size limit says 1MB/file, but it’s really 300KB. It’s still good though, no bandwidth limit. And as the name says, 125MB of space. FTP file transfer too!

There’s also This is a weird one. Purely for image hosting @ 850KB/pic. Accepts GIF, JPEG (JPG), PNG only. And you have to upload files individually by using the browse button, which could take a while if you’re uploading one of my 200 pic sets. Don’t think there’s a limit on how many pics you can upload though.