Any good reliable progressive scan, optical out dvd player?

I am in the market for a good progressive scan (for watching on my HDTV)
DVD player that has a optical out (my receiver doesn’t have digital co-ax - only optical in) for audio.

I bought the Philips DVP 642 because of its rave reviews… but its not
very forgiving to badly burnt movies. I can play those disks fine only
my non-progressive scan players like KLH - which i have in my bedroom because
they are not progressive scan.

does any one have a good recommendation.
on, and other sites, every one just raves about the Philips…
and the next player with these specs is the Cyberhome 500.
is that reliable/good ?
any other suggestions ?

  • Sridhar.

They rave not without any reason. Forget Philips for the time being.
Check it and you will get an idea: