Any good reason to get a DVR-110D over an LG 4167B?

I need dvdram capability. The 110D can be flashed to have RAM capability, so that’s settled.

I am leaning towards the LG because there are more posts of user experiences with it.

Is there any good reason to buy a 110D instead?

It depends on what you have in your area and the price! Some places have the 110 MIJ in stock. Chef has one and loves it! I have a crossflashed 1608 to an A10 and its ok!
4167 is a fine drive! So price is the real issue!

I own both models and both are good burners. The 4167B is a SLOW ripper of pressed DVD’s. The PIONEER is not as good or as fast burning @ 16X in my experience. Neither drive is a good scanner.
If I could only have one I’d keep the PIONEER crossflashed to the latest firmware from the TDB, Buffalo 8.37 with rpc1 and full bitsetting.

thanks for replies :slight_smile:

the 110D is cheaper here. I dont use DL so the faster DL speeds of the Pioneer no matter to me.

But the LG seems to be supported by a better distributor here. So RMA will be easier with LG, if needed.

Can the 110D->Buffalo be flashed back to the original 110D?

I dont care aobut rip speed since I already have a Liteon 16P9S (Sony 1615)