~~~any good place to buy dvd media storage?~~~

i’ve had terrible experience with amazon purchased branded dvd cases, the cases i received were all cracked, so just wanted to ask you folks if you know of any good places to buy them and also ships internationally?

thanks a lot!:bow::bow::bow:

Where do you live? If you live in Europe, I can suggest Nierle. I got there a lot of cases with no problems :slight_smile:

i’m helping to order for a good mate of mine for his business which is in hong kong.

oops, sorry, I’m not able to suggest a store in that region :flower:

I am sure a place like HK would have hundreds of places that sold this (and other good stuff) at good prices with quality to match the price point:confused:

no am afraid the quality is cheap and terrible here. single 14mm case actually fetches for 70cents usd.