Any good P2P networks?

Hello all,
Got 2 questions. First, is there any p2p prog that still has enough people sharing files? cause kazaa isnt.
Second why isnt anybody using winmx anymore?is it illegal cause i cant find any other reason (its much more user-friendly than K-lite crap and all others

i use winmx. is great downloaded a bunch of legal songs thats listed in the IUMA archives and did a quick mp3 search for it. hasent been updated in over a year though but it dosent need to be. no adware and spyware.

a great program for dpwnloading programs is edonkey2000 go to downloads, halfway in the page click edonkey2000 instead of overnet. i has no more spyware or adware it does have an ad bar but it connects to 2 networks. i use it and even set up a very crappy site to download legal programs from

personally, i use DC++
its very un-user friendly until you get used to it, its great

can get anything and everthing
only badside, is that you need a decent sized share to get onto the major hubs, but i got that covered… :smiley: