Any good mpeg edit program to add music?

Hi, i have some home movie clips(kids playing). Is there any good mpeg editing software that i can add background music and title/subtitle?
thanks in advance.

oh, i prefer something simple. things like Adobe Premiere Pro are too complicated for me :bow:

Then it can’t be done.
You wouldn’t add the music to the mpg, you would add it during authoring.
DVDLab Pro will do it (including subs), but I don’t know of much else, at least nothing any simpler that will do what you want.
Bite the bullet and learn how to use a good NLE/Authoring program.

I use Ulead Videostudio to add still pictures background music etc. to my video files. You can d/l a trial version from Ulead website. IMO it’s an easy to use good product.

…but it won’t do subs :smiley:

Again, there is nothing “simple” that will add audio AND do subs.

If you want simple titling, then just about any authoring program can do that.