Any GOOD MIT media?

I have been looking around forever and passed up a few very good sales because all i could find was taiwanese media. I was wondering if there was any good taiwanese media at all. I have had nothing but good luck with MIT media like MXL and TY.

Thanks for the help

i have a Pioneer A03 dvd-rw btw.

that seems like a pretty old drive.

how about RicohJpnR01 DVD+R?

Verbatim … MCC 003 (8x +R) and MCC004 (16x +R) … CMC and Prodisc made ones are made in Taiwan. Not familiar with their -R media. Verb 16x are on sale this week … check the Bargain Basements thread. Forgot which store has them on sale. Good luck.

Btw, the MIT Maxell and TY’s you had ‘nothing but good luck’ with … what were the MID’s? Got any scans of 'em?

Ppl, he got a Pio A03, which is dvd-r only. Don’t go confusing him by suggesting buying +r.

To be honest, there’s not much to choose from these days that burns well in that drive. Best bet IMO would be on 4x TY, TYG01. Though it depends on where you live obviously… Ordering online is probably easier for that drive than finding good media in local shops.
But I’d rather recommend retiring the drive and buy a new one, such as the BenQ 1640.

(I’m pretty sure he meant to say that he had good luck with MIJ, not MIT)


Pioneer A03 can only write to dvd-r at 2x and dvd-rw at 1x.

You can probably only burn up to 4x dvd-r media with decent result, and those media are difficult to find. Go for the taiwanese media you could find, you should not have any trouble burning MIT media.

I know this is not the anwser you’re waiting for, sorry for that… but considering the very low price of newer DVDRW drives, upgrading would definitly be an option…

As Jbv mentions, burned @2X most of recent medias would give very unsatisfying results, and good 4X medias are very hard to find except in hypermarkets, where the price is far too high for the media you buy (at least here in Europe).

So $46 to $55 for a new drive (Pioneer 109, NEC 3540A, Benq 1620 may be recommended - Benq 1640 being more expensive at this time) wouldn’t really hurt considering you could, then, buy on the net excellent 8X media at a very good price, as 8X media prices dropped since the introduction of 16X medias.

Cheers :slight_smile:

MIT media like TY? There is MIT TY?

Ok, here’s some MIT media I’ve found to be decent :

  1. Ricoh - have used 8x and 16x DVD+Rs
  2. Sony - some Sony stuff is MIT. Sometimes you can get it in OEM form which may be cheaper. There is a batch of black and white LG branded 8x DVD+R discs which are really SONYD11s.
  3. Infomedia (this is not the same company as Infodisc/Infosmart) - Usually branded as Digitank. Surprisingly good burns on these. Not well known and your drive might not support this since only newer drives seem to support it.

yeah i meant MIJ media like MXL R03 and TY G01/02… never had any dvdr coasters before so my drive seems to be in good condition… I’m really asking what media is good for backups of movies or important media and what type of media lasts longest.

EDIT: I would much rather buy from stores because shipping to Canada can be terrible and take forever.
Plus, at this moment i cant afford to buy a new drive, so this one will have to do for another year maybe :frowning:

“I’m really asking what media is good for backups of movies or important media and what type of media lasts longest.”

Follow the last link of my sig to find your answers.

But you’ve been warned concerning 2X burning with high-speed media… :cop:

I’ve burnt over 200 dvd-r with media code MXL RG03 with no coasters and i was told it was ok to use 8x media with the right firmware. Recently i’ve run out of dvd-r’s and when i went to buy more MXL media, all i found was garbage 8x Ritek G05 media.

Which brands of media is reccomended for MIT? And what are the media codes for MIT Memorex 8x, Sony MIT 8x and Verbatim 8x?

Sony MiT and Verbatim MiT are probably your best bets for -R. Memorex and Maxell can result in Riteks.

Then you were told incorrectly. I, too, will re-iterate the warning about 8x media on a 2x drive. Burning 8x media (or, for that matter, even certain 4x media) on a Pioneer A03 is a bad idea as I can gaurantee you that they are unsupported by the latest firmware. This is because the latest A03 firmware was released in December of 2002, back when 4x media was still very new and when 8x -R media was still over a year away. That having been said, it is certainly possible (as you yourself have witnessed) for a drive to burn a high-quality unsupported disc using just a generic strategy and the limited strategy information embedded on the disc itself without coastering, but you might get sub-optimal results this way (i.e., quality that’s good enough to not count as a coaster, but not as good as it should be).

thanks a lot…

Maxell media is on sale here ($30 for 100) so if i can find any MIJ then thats good luck for me… if not, i will just have to buy some Verbatim or Sony MIT’s, depending on the price.

“Maxell media is on sale here ($30 for 100) so if i can find any MIJ then thats good luck for me”

Beware: Maxell is outsourcing to Ritek recently, and there has been reports of spindles with the mention “Made in Japan” that actually contained G05 (-R) or R03 (+R).

I myself recently came across a 50-spindle of G05, when I thought I was buying MXL RG03. :a

A member here found a way to tell the difference by looking at the package, I’ll have to find the link, I’ll post it here as soon as I can.

I believe it was that the Ritek discs had “4.7GB 120MIN” on them and MXL RG03 only had “4.7GB”.

“The only way to tell the Maxell gold top DVD-R from the Ritek GO5 Gold top DVD-R is that the Maxell’s only say 4.7GB Data where as the riteks say 120min video and under that it says 4.7GB data. This both on the discs themself and packaging.”

According to bear17

Good memory, tehGrue :slight_smile:

yep im aware of the packaging problem… MXL media is great but the Ritek media i’ve heard has been terrible.
Im keeping my fingers crossed