Any good ISO sites?



are there any good (and working) ISO sites out there? i have heard much and seen little. if you know of any, c'mon and post some links!


if ya’r looking for iso’s i think ya better stop looking for HTML sites

Try seeking in the FTP scene…

When the Slingblade come, better be gone :wink:


then give me some FTP links.


sorry can’t do that, i have private accounts, as public onces die quite fast, and i’m more in for leechen stuff when i want it

if ya need public ftps i would advice you to look at justiso forum and others, or pay some ISO channels on irc a visit…

P.S don’t expect ppl to be helpfull there

P.S (to the owners of the forum Maybe CDFREAKS’s ready for a FTP area on the forum?
Divided in Public & Private maybe…dunno just take it as an idea

When the Slingblade come, better be gone

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Can you explain or tell us how to get tho’s private accounts?

Thanks, wannabe


i already found some places to download myself, no thanks to slingblade. goto and do a search for ‘free iso’ then a few bbbs come up and pick one and read some posts, there are links to stuff there.