Any good experience with TDK DVD+R?

I recently bought a 10 pack of tdk dvd+r 8x ( media code: TDK02 )
They are supposed to burn at max 16x with my 3500
Although they play in my home dvd player, i thought they could
achieve better results in probe scans
Has anyone some good tip to get best results with those media such
as correct writing speed, or different writer to use or what?
I’ll post my results as soon as i can ( made with 3500 FW 2.C7 )


If you’re having problems burning them at higher speeds just burn at 8x and they shouldn’t give you any problems. I’m jealous you in Italy can even get discs with that media code; all the TDK 8x +Rs in the US are just Ricohs :frowning:

TDK are supposed to have gone downhill a bit with their quality as of late. They seem to have switched around to lower quality manufacturers.

I belive DVD+Rs with TDK codes are in fact made by TDK themselves in their production lines in Japan. TDK DVD-Rs with TT codes are usually made in Taiwan by CMC, unless the packaging has Made in Japan on it…


all TDK DVD+R’s (4x) i’ve got so far have been RICOHJPN R01. i’ve never seen TDK02 and i’m from the eu. anyways, my scans on the ricoh one’s have been good, nothing to complain about at all.

TDK has its most powerful production line in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. A facility which can produce up to 5 million CD-R per month. It’s an almost humanless facility. Don’t know if it makes DVD±R too, but I think it does. Probably Japan production lines make DVD±R to be sold in the Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese market. As they have another facility in Europe why would they import their DVD disks from Japan ?


then maybe you could explain to me why i have discs with ricoh media code? ricoh of course has its production in japan.

Well…I think Ricoh have no production line at all, neither in Japan nor in Europe as they sub-contract to Ritek, in Taiwan .

The safest bet for japanese made media is to buy Taiyo Yuden, so far, hoping that the Taiwanese will soon improve quality as they did a lot for price reduction.


so the media code: RICOHJPN R01 isn’t actually related to Japan? hm, thats very odd. but it wouldn’t be very surprising as even verbatim produces some media by other companies under their mcc code.

andreapappy: Are they made in Luxembourg, Japan or Taiwan?

TDK was supposed to have started DVD production in Luxembourg in the beginning of the year if I remember correct but I’ve never seen any DVD discs from there so maybe they their the plans? But if they finally are starting to show up now it’s good news.

They constantly say thet technology is from Ricoh but production is carried out by Ritek so thes disks are not 100% taiwanese.
I don’t know the exact proportion :slight_smile:

Ritek and Ricoh relationship.