Any good deals on hard drives? 160 or 200 GB?

I’m not sure if this is the right place… move me if it isn’t but I need a new hard drive…

I’m looking for a 160GB or 200GB for a good price…internal and not SATA

If any one has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated…


If you live close to a Fry’s, they always seem to have the best deals on hard drives (after a rebate). If not, check out This week they have a Seagate 160GB for $50, after a $40 rebate. Select your state first.

Circuit City - WDC 160GB $59.99 after rebate
Bestbuy - Hitachi 250GB $119.99 after rebate

Sam’s Wholesale Club has their WD 250 EIDE for $129.99 regular price.

and don’t forget to pricematch at certain stores for an additional 10% off.

my favorite store - :bow:

good prices and excellent service.

with the sales and rebates, some of the prices at the B&M stores are competitive with Newegg. also, when it comes to HDs…you’ll find it much less of a PITA to return/exchange a HD to a store rather than wait for shipping on an RMA.

i bought a 250 gig 8mb wd off pricewatch for $115 shiped i just wanted one w/o the rebate hassle if i had a sams card i would had bought there but dont have one :frowning:

heres another deal( i thought…)
a new sata 2 ,if you have the mobo to run at full speed.
heres the review,
& heres the place to get it!! 250 gig for a cheep 135.00
if i’d have any paitence i’d waited & got acouple of these myself but i went to bb & spent 400.00 for 2 ata hds.mabie i’ll learn!!

How about 160GB for $15.83?

that last one looks great… but there are no sam’s club in portland…
thanks for all your guy’s help…

i was at my local staples today & they had 2 they were pushing !!
both were wd. they were the 80 gig for 49.00 & the 250gb for 87.50
do some browsing & mabie you’ll find what your looking for??
good luck

Staples in 5-15-05 circular has a Maxtor 200GB 7200 rpm drive for $69.94 after instant and MIR