Any good CD-RW 24x 700MB media?, other then memorex

Hi all!

I did a mistake and purchased Memorex 24x 700MB and now some of them I can’t even erase
is there any other good brand that is 24x and 700MB?
I looked at verbatim website but only found 650MB, didn’t see any 700MB

have some verbatim 24 cd-rw 700mb media and they work great for me.i put mp3’s on them to listen in car mp3/cd player and write/erase them alot with no problems.using asus 5224a burner.this site in england sells them as do many over europe .

thanx for the reply,
I tried to purchase but USA is unfortunately not listed

NewEgg will have Fuji 24x in three days. Top brands, top etailer - just a little patience =).

I did a research and found that verbatim 24x 700MB sells only in europe,
is fuji comperable with verbatim?

I had the same question. I have been using Verbatim Data Life + 24x media but it seems to be out of stock everywhere.

I just checked and NewEgg has the Fuji listed as not in stock either. Is the Fuji a good cd-rw media?


One other question. These Fuji’s are Ultraspeed, correct? I see nothing about it, but are all 24x ultraspeed?

they are in stock now!

Thank you. I just ordered one package. I was on autonotify but they never let me know. It must have come in last night.

I got them. They seem to be 4X! At least that is what the Nero Tests say.

damn 4x ? :eek:
I haven’t had time latley to order them,
have you contacted newegg?

Yes, I got Fuji’s 800 number and they will call me back. My box looked just like the Newegg ad. However, Fuji said the 24x cd-rw’s should be in a Blue box. I am sure Newegg has nothing to do with this. They told me they would give me $15 credit back if I want and I can keep the disks.

still false advertisment by newegg, they should check stuff
before writing 24x

Especially since the box does not say anything about speed anywhere. That was my first concern! At 24X it should be all over the box!

Don’t know if I should keep them for 20 cents each.

I can not belive that there’s no 24x media in US, besides memorex and fuji

There’s also Verbatim 24X CD-RW.

Verbatim DLP UltraSpeed (16-24X) and UltraSpeed+ (32X) CD-RW media are excellent, but apparently only the 650MB/74min versions are available in the US. UltraSpeed 700MB CD-RW media are practically impossible to find within the US…

I had terrible results with all sorts of rewriteables from memorex, especially the 700mb ones. I would burn on audio cd onto the 12x discs and about half way through it would have skips and pops about every 1/3 or 1/2 second of playback. And quite a lot of C2 errors. :Z

Now my bundled liteon cdrws that were 12x that came with my burners worked great. I don’t have the discs handy so I can’t post the mediacode, otherwise I would.

Well, the Fuji’s are 4X. Fuji confirmed it and Newegg will fix the site.

Can I use Verbatim 32x in a 24x writter? I ask as I used to use 24x DLP on my 5224 Liteon but the 24x is on BO or expensive.

I’m sorry to hear that mpsan. Hope you’re gtting your money back. In the meantime, NewEgg pulled the item off the (virtual) shelves.