Any good BD-R media IJ printable, water-resistant?

I use OptiDrive Control 1.70 to test how good BD-R 25GB media is. This gives LDC (and BIS) results.

The best media is Panasonic non-printable (not water-resistant), code LM-BR25MDE5, MID MEI-RA1-001:
41 discs burnt near-full gave LDC/BIS averages of 3.00/0.06 respectively.

Almost as good is Panasonic inkjet-printable printable (not water-resistant), LM-BRS2MWE10, MID MEI-RA1-001.: 46 discs, 5.63/0.11.

The following inkjet-printable, BD-R 25GB water resistant discs gave these LDC/BIS averages:

FalconMedia PRO code. 0759, MID TDKBLD-RBB-000: 21 discs, 35.33/0.65

OPTODISC PlexDisc Liquid Defense Plus, code 633-C13, MID OTCBDR-002-000: 22 discs, 43.61/0.80

PrimeOn photo-on-disc ultragloss, code 2761316, MID RITEK-BR3-000: 10 discs 48.07/0.87

The best thing one can say about the last 3 discs is, They look pretty but don’t perform so good.

Can anyone suggest BD-R 25GB inkjet-printable, WATER-RESISTANT discs which do much better (LDC in the single figures)?


This is one area where I wish Falcon and Panasonic would get together. Panasonic provides the best burn side and Falcon provides the best print sides.

I honestly cannot find anything better then what you have already stated above and therefore have left the thought of beautiful printed Blu-ray discs with the best burn on the scrap heap of ideas. The burn is just too important to ignore for beauty. :wink:

Sorry for being off-topic but I have another Question: Are all Plexdisc made by Optodisc, also these?

This article seems to say so:

“PlexDisc branded media, is a brand based on the Optodisc manufactured media, which was created for the total market.”

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like Optodisc have some brands:

BTW, don´t only judge about the error-rates after burning.

I have burned many RITEKBR2/3, some TDKBLD and CMCBA5. All looked better than MBIR06, but after 3 years most Riteks are have extremly error-rates or be partially unreadable. With CMC and TDK I have only 2 BD-R which are getting extremly bad, but my MBI looks all OK after 3 years.

I take selected BD-Rs and retest them periodically, like once a year. Curiosity value at most I can’t do this for all discs, simply too much time.

For long term storage I’m relying on Verbatim M-Disc 25GB preferably branded (non-printable) which hopefully will live up to their claims and will be stable for at least several decades.

BTW what is MBIR06?

Actually, all recent BD-R media with Optodisc MID codes are made by Amethystum Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. :givewink:


The mediacode for MBI BD-R :wink:

Mediarange sold em as 4x-media, TDK as 6x media


BD-R with Optodisc-code is not by Optodisc?

Optodisc went out of business in 2013, their know-how, trademarks and technologies were acquired by Vinpower. They then outsourced the BD-R production to Amethystum Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

OK, so they produce the same quality of meia, I guess.

Long time ago I had some 8x media from SK and Samsung made by Optodisc, seems like they disappeared long before 2013 on european market