Any Fujifilm be it CD/DVD-/+R made in Japan is TY?



Is this true?




There is Fujifilm-branded FUJIFILM03 made in Japan, but it’s only for the Japanese market, meaning Japanese writing on the packaging. It’s possible they could show up in Hawaii (more likely than here on the mainland US).


FUJIFILM03 (Fujifilm 8x DVD -R) is available in the US. I’ve purchased some before at Best Buy in a 25 pack. Note: they are Made In Taiwan. I don’t care for this particular MID because they’ve given me my worst burns (ie. even CMC MAG and Prodisc burned better) … for me … just my opinion folks (your experience may differ).

@ Nocturnal:
If you’re looking for DVD+/-R TY media … some options (at least at the local retail level - ie. you can order branded TY media online):

Fuji (Made In Japan): 8x +R (YUDEN000 T02), 8x -R (TYG02)
SONY (Made In Japan): 8x +R (YUDEN00 T02)
TDK (Made In Japan): 8x +R (YUDEN000 T02), 8x -R (TYG02)

The MIJ Fuji’s will be harder to find as they get phased out, but hopefully you can find MIJ Sony’s (+R only - ie. their Made In Japan -R are most likely SONY08D1) or MIJ TDK’s in Hawaii. Good luck.

Btw, many people consider Verbatim media to be on par or very close to TY quality. It’s subjective but at least another alternative if you’re trying to locate media locally in Hawaii.

Hawaii … lucky bastage!! Jk. :slight_smile:


I am aware of FUJIFILM03 made in Taiwan by Prodisc being available in the US. However, FUJIFILM03 made in Japan by Fujfilm itself is not.


Staples has spindles of MIJ Fuji TY’s, 8X +R… 30 DVDs per spindle pack (3 different color holders (10 each of a certain color) per spindle
a bit expensive, but when you get PIF’s under 100’s…well it’s worth it…


Of course not all Staples stores will have Japan anymore. Some don’t have them at all.
The one by my house has more Japan than Taiwan ones, for the moment (Walnut, Cali…) so if you live by there, go get some, off Valley Blvd…