Any Freeware to Clone DVDs?




I am relatively new in the forums and was wondering if there is some freeware that will just let me clone DVDs both data and video. I have a DVD-ROM and a DVD burner and what I would want to do is just copy from one drive to the other without having to rip or do an intermediate step. All DVDs in question are single layer discs. Any advice would be welcome.


I can’t think of any FREEWARE that will allow this, Nero will allow it and CloneCD and Alcohol 120% might.


if the movies are SL you could do it, but you’d need a program like anydvd to get rid of the copy protection.
it also better to rip to HDD first as you’ll get better burns than from burning OTF.

try out dvd43 (for copy protection) and DVDDecrypter but you’ll have to write to the HDD first, if the disc’s are already back up’s you’ll not need dvd43

if the movies are on DL, you’ll need DVD Shrink