Any Freeware that will convert DVD or clips to mpeg etc.?



I’m trying to find some freeware software that will convert DVD’s or parts of them to other formats like mpeg, avi, wmv etc. I’d also like to be able to just convert clips as opposed to a whole track or .IFO file. Does anybody know of any?




Well ,since you’re not looking for anything specific to convert to,then I’d recommend Super…
Unless you have something in particular you’d like to accomplish…


I’d like to be able to make clips from DVDs and convert them to an mpeg, wmv, avi format. So it would have to play the DVD or sections/tracks of a DVD and allow to mark a beginning and end of a clip. Then be able to convert that to a standard format. Or if I could just convert a track or section of the DVD like an .ifo file and then I could do my editing to make the clip from the new format like mpeg etc.

I did not see the rest of your suggestion. You said Super… and there was nothing else. Or is “Super” the full name of something?



Remember “google is your buddie”…:wink:


You could always take clips out of the dvds with DVDShrink in ReAuthor mode using the Start/End Frame tool. Then run the resulting vob files through Vob2Mpg to get one mpeg file out of it. That is a simple way to get your mpeg clips.

If you want avi or wmv as well, you could use SUPER as t0nee1 suggested. And there are lots of other choices for conversion tools. Look at


Thanks for the responses! I didn’t realize DVD Shrink had that start/end frame tool. That’s great! I created the clip there and used the vob2mpg to convert it to an mpg. The only problem is there is no sound now. vob2mpg wants the folder where the vob file is. When I backed up the clip I made in DVD Shrink it did not put anything in the Audio_TS folder. Is there a way to get sound too?




Vob files have both the audio and video streams combined. Vob2Mpg will not delete the sound, so the mpeg files you get from it should have the sound with it.

Audio_TS folders are normally empty. They are a legacy put in for some older players and software that look for that specific folder, but I don’t recall ever seeing anything in one.


Hi - So do you have to do anything specifically to get the audio to convert with the video when converting to mpg? Or is there something I have to not do to keep everything in tact? There does not seem to be any visible options unless there are some hidden short cut type keys in vob2mpg. I know there was sound in the video clip when I made it and played it in DVD Shrink.




Hello again - Well I ran the conversion again and this time it worked and I had sound. Go figure!