Any firmware updates for BDR-208M?



Is there any new updates for the BDR-208M? I have not seen any updates since I bought this drive when they first came out for the BDR-208M on the Pioneer site at all.


And what for, what is NOT working??

You only did badmouthing about Pioneer so far.


Dunno: ?


1.60 actually came out for a few members of the 207 series…not long ago. Just after the original post, actually. And the changelog for the 207 1.60 update mirrors the changelog for the 1.40 released for 208 drives, such as the FW at the link provided by Oinker. So, FW updates exist…they just don’t have to come rapidly.

Were in not for the fact that molitar’s drive ended up failing (maybe it felt the vibes from its owner :bigsmile:), I’d say nevermind a FW update anyway, as the drive didn’t have any glaring widely-known problems.