Any firmware tricks for my LTR-52246S?

LTR-52246S is my CD-RW with latest firmware.

Can this CD-RW be flashed to a new one? LTR-52327S or SOHR-5238S???

Any other firmware editing that I can do to improve my CD-RW?


Simply put: No. Why? The 3 drives you listed all have different chipsets and are not compatible hardware. The last 2 digits not the chipset. only 6s drives can be flahsed to each other. As of now the 7s and 8s drives only come in one variety, so this is not an option. I forgot what the S stands for. I think its the PUH brand or something similar. Somebody else will probably know.

ā€œSā€ = Sanyo PUH

The 52246S is a most-excellent burner and reader, hard to imagine much improvement, although the 7S is a bit faster on some media. (fewer slow-downs)

AFAIK, the newer drives that can do 32x on CD-RWs can copy games better. I even heard of a chinese guy copying StarForce 3 protected (and the copy worked) game with new Lite-On drive!