Any firmware to read DVD+R/RW on DRD8160B?

Hello everybody,
i have a LG DRD8160B that cannot read DVD+R/RW. My firmware is 1.00. Is there any firmware with wich i can read the DVD+ format ?

I have 1.01 firmware of DRD-8160B. But the latest DVD-ROM GRD-8163B reads DVD+R DL as well as DVD+RW/+R/-RW/-R.

For 8163B.

Hello kenshin,
thank you for your response. But your DRD8160B with 1.01 firmware is able to read DVD+R/RW discs?

Wow! Kenshin, glad to read you have the right medicine i’ve scoured the web for so long!
i have the same old DRD-8160B but can’t find +R/RW fw for it.
i tried all the above links you provided but they don’t work for me. Can you please try to let me have it?
Were you saying that you’ve tested GDR-8163B0L23(KW).zip on DRD-8160B drive and it worked very well??
Please confirm your results to let me try that right away.
Thanks for your services.

No, I just said I have the firmware. I just collect firmware.

Please visit my firmware page for DRD-8160, GDR-8161, and GDR-8163 firmware files.

Hi, i have the same problem as above, it can read DVD-r but not a DVD+r.
I tried the latest so called LOTR firmware from kenshin’s site and from the official site, it got updated and all, but it wont play DVD+r
is there something else i should get?
help me out pls

Did you guys manage to get the DRD8160B to be able to read DVD+R?

You mean a burned one, not blank, right?!

Were the booktype affected during burn?

Yep, I want my DVD reader to be able to read a DVD+R that I recently burned. And no, the booktype was not affected, as far as I know.