Any firmware for old HP 8200 CDRW?

Have an old HP CD-Writer Plus 8200 that I’m trying to make work in an old
computer I had. Plays and reads cds, but light just flashes continuously when
you insert a blank cd. I looked for firmware to do a flash but no luck. Can any=one help?

Read these two thoroughly, only the specific model - C4464B is suitable for the procedure…

Any identification software like Nero Infotool? - are you certain that flashing is not a normal indication of a writeable?

Best not to try a crossflash if you don’t know what the problem is.

And finally, check the price on a much faster drive … it’s not worth tearing your hair out trying to revive a relic.

Thanks. I have faster writers. I’m just tinkering with an old unit to see if it can be revived.