Any file to Image files (ISO)

i need help with conversion or creating ISO files. Is there a way to convert any file particularly video files (such as : avi and mpegs) to image files (such as ISO or BIN/CUE)? how? and what application do i need to convert them?

i want to convert them to image files so i could make the video files smaller; so i could burn them as data to CD-Rs. And keep them for future use.

help please…

try imgtool, or nero, or DVD shrink.

But converting them to ISO isn’t going to make the videos smaller.

You can use Daemon tools to make a virtual dvd rom drive. Mount the file with Daemon tools then use an Iso imaging program to make an ISO of the drive. But like Mr Horse stated this won’t make the file any smaller. You might want to consider the option of splitting the avi/mpeg to segments that will fit on 1 cd. Much quicker and easier.

Use UltraISO.
But again. the ISO is often larger than the original file.
Do a bit of research on VDVshrink and , DVDFab and DVDFab Express.
THey will all do what you want…that is compressing and making a smaller file…with no perceptible loss of Quality. Shrink is freeand possibly the best.

UltraISO, WinISO, ImgTool are my recommendations.

That’s for DVD backups, not AVI files.

If what the original poster actually wanted to do was to compress the video files for backup to optical media then I think 7-Zip is probably the best tool for the job.