Any FAST upload sites?

Hey…Does anyone know of any FAST uploading sites?? I already know of rapidupload, rapidshare, filefactory…But like some sites…Yousendit, Megaupload etc…they take a while to either upload or download. So PLEASE…does anyone know of any fast uploading sites?!!

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It all depends on how fast your ISP sets your upload speed.
Mine is set as 1/10 of my download speed. Nothing I can do to get it to upload faster than that.

Upload and Download is all based on you broadband bandwidth and as with cable and dsl they have limits as in theory they work good but in real life upload and download is dependent on line conditions and how much traffic is on that line.

Yep plus how busy the site is your uploading to.

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Has been recommended by a few friends. They say it’s fast and has a progress bar when uploading. Up to 5GB and stored for 30 days every time it’s accessed. Storage time is going to go up as stated on the website.

Look, I upload stuff with [B]ZipDeploy[/B] - I upload fast even on my GoDaddy and Yahoo hosted sites, which are calssically ill-fated… This is the link: is very fast and doesnt have limits like other hosts

theres another:


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You are limited by what means you are using to upload.

[B]ZipDeploy (upload fast)[/B] is different from the normal FTP transfer program. For a start, it’s as simple as possible. It’s a wizard. It lets you [B]unzip through FTP [/B]- simply said- [B]upload and unzip[/B], or [B]unzip via FTP[/B].

[B]ZipDeploy (upload fast)[/B][COLOR=Black]features[/COLOR]

[li]Outstanding upload speed ([B]100% to 1000% faster[/B] than regular FTP transfers)[/li][li]A trivial wizard-like interface, thus being accessible to inexperienced users too[/li][li]Maximum automation (you enter your connection details then just press [I]Next >[/I] )[/li][li]Multi-platform availability ([I]Windows[/I]and [I]Linux[/I] for the moment)[/li][li]Basic directory management of the website[/li][*]Detailed reporting generated on site.[/ul]

If you want to know which fast upload host, come here
It has a list of good fast upload server:

The following site allows you to upload folders and files.
250MB Max Upload
Stays on server for 10 days
Unlimited Downloads
Free to use