Any "Error Tolerant" Dvd copiers out there?

I have burned quite a few dvd’s from my Liteon Standalone to defective media==mostly Sonic(Must001). Most will play in the Liteon but not my computer. Most will not be copied by Windows or by Sonic Record Now, or Nero Suite.

I often can recover these dvd’s with DvD Decrypter. Very often there will be just one “glitch” or “error” reported on the disk. With 1-5 errors, I can’t even detect them while watching the dvd decrypt recovered disk. With up to 10 errors, I will see some small patch (like less than one half inch square) on less than 3-4 frames of video (ie less than 1/3 a second screen time.).

So what I have is dvd’s that won’t play or copy because of errors so small they aren’t worth re-recording AFTER I go to the effort of “saving” them with dvd decrypter.

After recovery with DvD Decrypter, I have a bunch of mpg files and create data disks rather than have a “dvd” compliant disk. Seems to me, while the formats are pretty close for a viewer, that dvd format gives greater compatibility right now?

Why is Windows and other Dvd Creation/Copy programs so gosh darn fault sensitive and are there any copy programs out there that will copy the DvD with these errors? ///Thanks, Bobbo.