Any endorsements for MP3Trim out there?

What about “MP3Trim”?

I have an issue with gaps on MP3 tracks ripped through EAC, and wonder if anyone has used a programme like MP3Trim successfully?
I encode to MP3 using LAME - ripped through EAC. I generally don’t burn MP3’s, but transfer them to my 40Gb iRiver instead.

I have used WavTrim in the past, which removes the gaps from audio shows mistakenly burned TAO - but I haven’t used MP3Trim yet. I’m prepared to pay the £22-odd for the software, as most of the discs I decode are DAO-burned live shows.

Can anyone please tell me whether this is a worthwhile investment - or whether there is a good (freeware) alternative? The freeware version of MP3Trim doesn’t have a batch option, and won’t handle files of more than 7 minutes.

Thanks in advance