Any easy to read list for DVD media compatablity



Is there a list somewhere that clearly shows what media is compatable with what players and what isn’t?

If not maybe an idea for this site, where we could all add our experiences to it.

It is a nightmare trying to find media that works in ‘all’ players and more than lilkely not possible yet.

Out of 100 burns with Princo white top blanks we have had 8 returns to date from 8 different players all saying it stops or plays at different places etc.

If we knew that a particular player likes a certain media, we can then use that media for that player and other media for other players.

Any ideas?



You could try looking through the information at
There are quite a few user reports on media compatibility with various players and drives. I wouldn’t say its easy to navigate though, and they are user reports, not systematic testing.

If you want better compatiblity, you may have to pay more for your disks. Princo’s rep isn’t the best. Taiyo Yuden would be your best bet, but probably twice the price.


Thanks, Yes I have spent some time there and altho’ it is a bit of a chore getting some definitive info, it seems all say TY is the way to go.

The cost is really the least of my worries… It is the returns that bother me, and then having to find one that ‘will’ play on their player when I resend it.

I’ll get a couple and see if I can track down some of the players that I know the Princos don’t work on.

I’ll also try the RitekG01 code ones as wellas well as they.