Any dvd

hi :slight_smile:

i use dvd shrink and was trying the new triple x movie and got a navigation structure error for the first time. if i were to use the new any dvd would this fix the problem? thanks


anydvd will crack anything that’s out. looks like your dvd shrink is starting to meet it’s match as far as stuff it can’t handle.

I use anydvd in conjunction with dvd shrink as I was a loyal shrink user for a while, and it works wonderfully. The best thing about anydvd is that it’s like it’s not even there, but it does so much. just run anydvd in the background and use shrink as you normally would, and you should be set

thanx for the reply, i have used any dvd before and its great but i have an older version and it doesnt have the “navigation structure” fix. so what is it that you use besides shrink now?

i still use shrink. it does everything I’ve wanted in a program. it’s indispensable as far as I’m concerned as I’m always shrinking dvds and removing menus and stuff.

I use anydvd and then do all of my manipulating with dvd shrink.

the best thing about anydvd is that it’s no new software to use. it just allows the software you already have and are already familiar with to process stuff it might not have otherwise been able to.

upgrade your anydvd to (the latest version as of now) and you shouldn’t have any problems.

I’ve heard people having issues with having dvd43 and anydvd installed on the same system, so delete dvd43 first if you have that (i’ve never used it and you never mentioned it in your post so I guess it’s just an extra word of caution)

anydvd is seriously the best $$ I’ve ever spent on any software period.

Hey reasons… You can’t very well say this cuz the best $$ you’ve ever spent on software is $0.00 for Shrink. :stuck_out_tongue:


And the Lord knows that Sportsmell would not pay for sumpthin’ that he could get for free…within limits-eh!


haha touche. although that $0.00 would have been a waste after they stopped developing it if not for anydvd. :slight_smile:

anydvd is like an instant fix for your favorite defunct copying software. I tend to be very loyal to the programs I use, and I hate having to get used to something new. Since anydvd works in the background, it allows me to do everything as I always have done. and you can’t go wrong with the support they provide and lifetime updates.

Now this can’t be argued. :smiley: Oh and don’t pay any attention to my friend BigMouth7. I think it’s time for his medication again. :iagree: