Any dvd



help please , any dvd refused to copy an ordinary home recorded dvd in its entirety , one disc previewed halfway though in clone dvd2 , anoither dvd it would only copy one film off a two film disc i couldnt any longer just backup the entire disc! i had latest versions , my problems got worse tried xp re installs from ghost backups when my pc was fine these had same symptoms any dvd wouldnt copy or preview any dvd recorded on standalone dvd recorder so tried dvds off another dvd recorder no difference, I only startyed having problems with my pc recently no spyware detected with spybot or adaware or avg so ive got a nastie lurking which even reinstalls wont shift , its really odd as ive never had problems backing up home recorded stuff using these twwo programs before i switch any dvd off and the films in question previewed from the start just fine so im totally non plussed whats going on help please


I am so sorry but I barley can understand what you wrote. The only thing I got from it was, you are having problems copying a regular home made DVD with AnyDVD?

You don’t need AnyDVD if the movie is not copy protected, No protection = No AnyDVD