Any DVD Won't Accept Key

Downloaded the latest update of AnyDVD. Decided as a precaution to delete the old version before installing the new version. Took the key and placed it in the program and when I try to run, the program says, trial period over. I tried reinstalling the old version of AnyDVD and now it says, 21 days left on trial version. What gives??? I have all the programs. Will this happen with all updates? What do I need to do?

have you tried double clicking your key again?

have you tried a complete uninstall of anydvd and then double clicking your key again?

if you’ve purchased your anydvd key from slysoft, your best bet is to contact them with all of your purchase information (found in the email they sent when they confirmed your order)

if you haven’t purchased from slysoft then it seems that the key was not legit and this update “took care of” that problem.

rest assured as long as your copy is legal, slysoft is very helpful and will have no problems resolving your situation provided you give them detailed and accurate information.