Any DVD with Securom tested?

Hallo, i am new in this Forum and first thing I noticed was, that nobody tested any Securom DVD yet. I don’t have a DVD Burner (soon !?) so can someone tell his experiences with Blindwrite and DVDs. btw RiCO, please make profiles, some people don’t want to change habits and my EGO would feel better with more control. If you don’t, you’re still the best.

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i dont think its currently possible to copy a securerom DVD (i may be wrong) and i dont think anydvd would do a big difference because the protection is not mainly based on CSS

Sorry, i didn’t explain (oh god, help me with my english) which program i am talking about. Yes I meant Blindwrite 5, not Any DVD. Crappy post, i know. Should have been: Any Securom DVD tested with Blindwrite 5 ?

Securom protected dvds are not presently capable of being copied successfully.

Have you tested BW ? I think autoplay is working also on DVDs

Originally posted by R!Co
Have you tested BW ? I think autoplay is working also on DVDs

Tried Yager (SecuRom v4.85.00.0045) using BW 5.02.113 without tweaker, mounted with DAEMON Tools, won’t run. As I said, I don’ t own a DVD Burner. Reading done with Toshiba 1712 (FW 1004), which i think isn’t suited for this kind of work (although it does good BWAs with CDs)

little has been done at the dvd protection bypass front, since protections on dvds are relatively new
as far as i know, neither copying or emulating works for now