Any DVD update

Just Installed the new update for any dvd, rebooted and…
BOOM I Got the BSOD!!
Tried to re-boot twice before using system restore…
Found the root cause seemed to be changed setting or driver
I am runn ing Dell XPS630i Vista SP2, Nothing out of the ordinary.
Can this be addressed on a future update?

Sounds like a fairly serious problem. You may want to check SlySoft forum as there is a recent thread about AnyDVD on Vista SP2.

It may be a configuration problem, I am running Vista Ultimate 64bit SP2 with no problems and I think we would have heard this before if this was rampant, I hope this was a download of a registered program, meaning that you own the program and you did download the latest beta. Only Registered Users can try the beta editions. But it still should not cause a BSOD.:wink: