Any DVD update

hi all, after only 60 minutes of using any dvd i purchased a copy/license.

my query is as the title, basically it offers updates but how do i do this… there is nothing in the settings etc…
do i just keep an eye on the latest product number and if it changes download?

does it auto install if i do download?

so i need to make a note of the reg key for future updates.

please help im a little confused.


ps what is the latest number and how do i check i have it…

** oh new-bie or not new-bie, that would be me ** :clap:

It will check with slysoft and then will inform you. If you click yes, it will take you to a download area and you can download the newest version. What you can do is go to and click on downloads and then download the newest version. (Your version number Is on one of the tabs when you load the program.)


Just be sure you check the “Automatically check for new AnyDVD version” in the “Program” section of the software - and SlySoft will send you an email when the new version is available-
Also - it is interesting - but when you buy the AnyDVD program - it is good for as long as you want to use it and/or SlySoft stays in business-