Any dvd to clone dvd

i recently ripped a dvd with dvd decypter with the help of anydvd to get rid of the encryption on the dvd. it ripped the files to my hard drive in vob format, around 7 gigs, but when it was ripped, the encryption was copied with the files as well. i then try to burn the files with clone dvd and when i start the burn process it tells me there is a problem reading the files i had ripped to my hard drive, this is because of the encryption that was origianlyl on it. any suggestions on how to burn the dvd would help alot,


Um, no. The encryption most definitely was not copied with the files. What is the error message you’re getting with CloneDVD?

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There is no need to use DVD Decypter in conjunction with AnyDVD.

Just visit SlySoft ( and download the latest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Then just use the latest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD to process your Commercial DVD Movie Title.

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the error message i am getting is in the attachment.

*all programs are the latest versions

the reason i believe the encrpytion is on the files that were ripped is because it follows the same characteristics as the original disk. when i originally tried to rip the dvd without the help of anydvd, an error message came up saying it cannot read a certain file on the disk(VTS_03_01.VOB to be more exact), after getting anydvd there was no trouble with this when ripping. when i tried to burn the dvd to disk with dvd shrink, when it analyzes the files at the beginning it is giving me the same error message as before, which led me to believe its the same.

i ripped with dvd decrypter, and in the future i will rip with clonedvd, but the situation is with the files i ripped with dvd decrypter right now, so if any suggestions could be provided with that then it would be much appreciated,

why don’t you just re-rip with clonedvd (with anydvd running in the background)? it looks like there was something wrong with the files themselves. re-ripping is going ot be your best option.

reasonsnotrules, it would be best thing to do i agree, but in my current situation i am unable to re-rip the dvd, so i am forced to work with the files i have unfortunately

i’m confused. why not?

Think about it… sigh