Any dvd setting please help



i am using blue cloner and any dvd hd i keep getting stuck playing terminator commentary movie instead of real movie what to select in any dvd hd to correct this please thanks so much


The problem is not with AnyDVD HD, but rather with your dubious quality clone program. It is not identifying the correct video and audio streams in the movie.

I suggest this process. Rip the entire movie to the hard drive using AnyDVD HD. You access the built in ripper by [B]right[/B] clicking the little fox icon in the toolbar at the bottom right of the screen. I usually rip to an ISO and mount the ISO in Slysoft’s free program VirtualClone Drive, but you can also just rip to files.

If the movie is small enough to fit onto your target disk as is, you can just burn to a disk with ImgBurn, a free burning program. If you need to take sections out, make a movie only backup, or compress the movie to fit a smaller disk, then I suggest using BD Rebuilder. It is free to use and gives excellent results. It will compress to fit single, or double layer dvds, or 25gb blu ray disks, whichever target size you prefer.

You can find BD Rebuilder here: Read that first post carefully.


i did just that and got a smaller movie size from 29 to 14 gb but still got the version with commentary, maybe this terminato3 movie is a tough one??? thanks so much any more help please thanks


If you right click on the streams within BD Rebuilder, you should get an option to preview what is included on it. This should play with Media Player Classic (included with BD Rebuilder). Unfortunately this doesn’t work worth diddly squat in my Win7 system.

This movie may have the main movie split into several m2ts files, and the commentary stream is just a bit larger and is the one picked by the programs.

If you are just interested in getting the main movie, you could run the decrypted files through ClownBD and select the video and audio streams you want to save. Output as a blu ray video then run through BD Rebuilder to compress. Make sure to set output in BD Rebuilder to your target size. 14gb is a weird result.