Any dvd+rw 4x that will burn reliably at 6-8x?



i just got a plextor 716a, have not even tested it as yet but know its supposed to do 8x dvd+rw, but fastest rw media ive seen is 4x, are there any brands of 4x +rw that will burn reliably in the 716 at 6 or 8x speeds?, atm i only have ritek 4x rw


forgot to add that i updated the firmware to 104 as soon as i got it installed


Overspeeding RW media is not possible. You have to wait for 8x RW media to show up.


ok i ddint know that, thank you for the answer


Thats right its not even allowed to attempt to write to DVD+RW beyond its rated speed. I’ve seen reviews saying they did test DVD+RW 8x, but I’ve been unable to find even one source for 8x DVD+RW medai (like Verbatim) its not even listed on any of the media manufacturer’s websites for info! How can they get some to do the tests claimed? Anyone have any word on when 8x DVD+RW media will be available retail?


They can receive test sample directly from the manufacturer. This was also the case for our Plextor PX-716A review.


Are there any reports on when 8x DVD+RW media might be released to retail outlets?