Any DVD+R DL with Ritek S04-66 in 2018?

Recently after about a year or so, my batch of Memorex DVD+R DL with a MID of Ritek S04-66 ran out. They in combination with my Samsung External Blu-Ray Burner (TSSTcorp BDDVDW SE-506CB) worked perfectly. With that drive/disc combination, they don’t fail and they last.

So I went and bought another batch of Memorex. Surprise they changed, they are now CMC MAG-D03-64. And almost all of them failed. I even tried them on other burners. All sorts of problems. Terrible for my burner.

So since I know DVD+R DL Ritek S04-66 works great with my burner. Does anyone know any DVD+R DL brands in 2018 which use Ritek S04-66? It would be really helpful for me. Thanks.

I bought one year ago Philips DVD+R Printable DL at dealbay24, 25pcs-cakeboxes with S04. 10pcs. cakebox were CMC

And my last Traxdata were UME :frowning: