Any dvd problems version ( 2006 11 30)

Hi all
Can anybody help me solve that problem? I have 2 programs running in my system which i use to copy DVDs … (dvd x-platinum and Video Vault) after i installed the new update ( 2006 11 30) this morning, … I am unable to use the (DVD x-platinum) to copy any movies whatsoever, but the Vault is the only one working… When i clicked on the “Aggressive I/O Mode” last Monday both of them were working properly.
What is the problem? How do i get them working again?

Thanks guys

Did you try selecting “safe mode”?

You may have to alternate between turning this off and on, depending on the burning application you use.

I did try “safe mode”, it did not work. I had them working with the previous update …“Aggressive I/O Mode”. It was perfect. If i had known that, I would have not updated my ANYDVD.

I am definitely not advocating you revert to an earlier version of AnyDvd as there are solid reasons for staying current. However, anyone following the recent discussions discovered there is a site that offers previous versions of programs.

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