Any Dvd not recognizing Keys

I’ve used Any Dvd for a couple of years now on my three computers but out of the blue it says it’s not registered to anybody on one of them, I actually didn’t know there was a problem until it said my trial was over with which makes no sense. The only trouble I’ve ever had was once in awhile when updating to a newer version it might get 3/4 the way through and say there’s an error. Usually reinstalling fixed the problem or else I just told it to ignore the error and it still worked. Using this with XP Pro and version and on three of my computers as stated above but not all at the same time.

I’ve uninstalled (used Any Dvd uninstaller and rebooting) and reinstalled (each time rebooting) several times but I get the same results. When I uninstalled it I told it not to remember my registration since it wasn’t remembering anyway. When I click on my Any Dvd Keys it says Registration of C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\My Documents\Software License Keys\Anydvd & CloneDvd Keys\Key.AnyDVD ok! Please restart Any DVD! Then when I restart Any DVD it still says it’s not registered to anybody and I have so many days left in my trial.

Why all of a sudden is it showing up as not registered to me on one of my computer while the other two are fine? More importantly how do I fix this as I use the computer it says it isn’t registered to me the most.


Just realized the same thing has happened with my CloneDvd which I just used yesterday morning, what’s going on? I have had some problems with my Firefox browser remembering settings lately but it may be the result of the latest update but this shouldn’t have anything to do with my Any Dvd or CloneDvd.

I started having the same problem with Anydvd. It says my trial period is over and I cannot get my legal key to work.

This could be from a number of issues. Have you tried uninstalling it, doing a search to find all traces of AnyDVD, deleteing them, reboot, and reinstalling? If you cannot get it to register I would contact

Do you have a firewall or other software blocking changes to your computer or to your registry? you can try to do a system restore to a time before you had this problem. good luck.

I tried a complete uninstall using search for all traces and am still unable to get my key to work. Slysoft is allowed with my firewall, I have updated numerous times with the firewall on. My next problem is the floppy I saved my serial number on isnt working. I cannot get my serial number. Must be the approaching full moon…lol
Thanks for all the ideas. I will try the system restore

Like I said before if you are having problems with your keys, no one can help you here, you must contact and give them all your information.:confused:

Thanks Alan. I found the Key retrieval tool at their website. I am waiting for a email from them.

Thats the way to do it. Now you will get it sorted.:iagree:

Well I guess my problem was that they blacklisted my keys even though I don’t feel I intentionally did anything wrong, I don’t engage in those types of activities. The only way my keys could have ended up on the internet (if that’s what happened) is that I use a program called Network Magic that lets you create a website from which I’m able to access shared folders from my computer but it has a twenty letter and number password (I have since removed my folders) so I thought it was safe.

SlySoft sent me new keys which I really appreciate but the email they send out sure makes you feel like a criminal whether you deserve it or not. I guess I will guard my new keys with my life and no longer store them on my computer.