Any DVD & Lite On dfrive



I initially contacted AnyDVD support to ask if the new LiteOn DX-8A1H-05 DVD Burner would work with AnyDVD. It is anb external USB 2.0 drive.

I have a new Lenovo vista computer, T61, with lots of RAM and HD space but unfortunately a Mashita drive. I know this will not work with AnyDVD.

I travel a lot and end up with many DVD’s of different regions. It is important that I play many regions.

I deceided that an external USB 2.0 reader was the only way to go.

I looked at these forums and found out that LiteOn drives seem to work. To be sure I contacted AnyDVD and they said that they felt that “there was no reason why this drive would not work”.

I hAd already triede AnyDVD with the Matshita drive and this is why I found out that Matshita drives would not work.

AnyDVD could not extend my trial.

I made a decision, maybe wrongly, to trust AnyDVD support. I bought both AnyDVD and the LiteOn DX-8A1H-05 drive.

I waqs shipped a LiteOn model DX-8A1H-05C. Not a DX-8A1H-05.

I have no idea if these are the same drives.

AnyDVD will not work. I contacted AnyDVD and they at first provided support. Thenh they would not answer emails. If they made a mistake, it would be nice if they said so.

My question to all of you is if this drive can be made to work with AnyDVD or not. Secondly is the DX-8A1H-05C the same as the DX-8A1H-05. LiteOn will not answer the question.